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English Irregular Verbs List: Page - 23

VerbPresent ParticiplePastPast Participle
seetheseethingseethed or sod (archaic)seethed or sodden (archaic)
shapeshapingshaped or (obsolete) shopeshaped or shapen
shaveshavingshaved or shove ( obsolete )shaved or shaven
shearshearingsheared or shoreshorn or sheared
shewshewingshewedshewed or shewn
shitshittingshit, shitted, or shatshit, shitted, shat, or shitten
shoeshoeingshod or shoedshodden or shod or shoed
shootshootingshotshot, or rarely shotten
showshowingshowedshown or showed
shredshreddingshreddedshredded or shred
shrieveshrievingshrievedshrieved or shriven
shrinkshrinkingshrank or shrunkshrunk or shrunken
shriveshrivingshrived or shroveshrived or shriven
singsingingsangsung or (archaic) sungen

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