Re-take Synonyms

Sr No.SynonymsAnother Words
1convert catechumen, disciple, follower, neophyte, novice, novitiate, proselyte
2reassume convert, reclaim, recondition, recover, recycle, redeem, regenerate, remodel, reoccupy
3reclaim convert, recondition, recover, recycle, redeem, regenerate, remodel, rescue, restore
4recondition begin again, brace, breathe new life into, bring up to date, continue, exhilarate, extend, fix up, freshen
5recover balance, bring back, catch up, compensate, get back, make good, obtain again, offset, reacquire
6recycle convert, reclaim, recover, reprocess, salvage, save
7redeem buy back, buy off, call in, cash, cash in, change, cover, defray, discharge
8regenerate change, exhilarate, inspirit, invigorate, produce, raise from the dead, reanimate, reawaken, reconstruct
9remodel do up, fix, fix up, make over, modernize, overhaul, reassemble, rebuild, recast
10reoccupy convert, reassume, reclaim, recondition, recover, recycle, redeem, regenerate, remodel
11repossess get back, obtain again, reacquire, recapture, reclaim, recover, retake, retrieve
12rescue deliverance, delivery, disembarrassment, disentanglement, emancipation, exploit, extrication, feat, heroics
13restore bring back, build up, cure, heal, improve, make healthy, make restitution, mend, modernize
14salvage deliver, get back, glean, ransom, reclaim, recover, redeem, regain, restore
15take back abjure, back down, backpedal, call off, cancel, change one's mind, eat one's words, forget it, go back on