In-tents Synonyms

Sr No.SynonymsAnother Words
1acceptation connotation, denotation, intent, meaning, message, purport, sense, significance, value, word meaning
2animus bile, mind, spirit, temper
3bottom line basis, conclusion, core, crux, determination, essence, fiber, final decision, fundamentals, income
4conation action, aim, angle, animus, big picture, brainchild, child, conspiracy, deliberation, end
5design architecture, arrangement, blueprint, chart, comp, composition, conception, constitution, construction, delineation
6desire admiration, ambition, appetite, ardor, aspiration, attraction, avidity, concupiscence, covetousness, craving
7drift alluvion, bank, batch, bunch, bundle, clump, cluster, deposit, heap, hill
8end borderline, bound, boundary, butt end, confine, cusp, deadline, edge, extent, extremity
9goal ambition, design, destination, duty, end, ground zero, intent, intention, limit, mark
10heart affection, benevolence, character, compassion, concern, disposition, feeling, gusto, humanity, inclination
11hope Promised Land, achievement, ambition, anticipation, aspiration, assumption, belief, bright side, buoyancy, castles in air
12idea aim, approximation, belief, believed abstraction, brainstorm, clue, concept, conception, conclusion, conviction
13import acceptation, bearing, bottom line, construction, drift, gist, heart, implication, intendment, intention
14intendment action, aim, angle, animus, big picture, brainchild, child, conation, conspiracy, deliberation
15meaning acceptation, allusion, bearing, bottom line, connotation, content, context, definition, denotation, drift
16meat aliment, brawn, chow, comestible, eats, edible, fare, food, foodstuff, grub
17name of the game bottom line, chief thing, essence, main point, real issue, where it's at
18nature attributes, being, bottom line, complexion, constitution, description, drift, essence, essentiality, features
19notion angle, apprehension, approach, assumption, awareness, clue, comprehension, conceit, concept, conception
20nub basic, bottom line, crux, essence, heart, kernel, meat, meat and potatoes, nitty-gritty, nubbin
21nuts and bolts basic details, basics, brass tacks, essentials, fundamentals, innards, inner workings, mechanics, nitty-gritty, no frills
22object article, body, bulk, commodity, doodad, doohickey, entity, fact, gadget, gizmo
23objective cold, cool, detached, disinterested, dispassionate, equitable, evenhanded, impersonal, judicial, just
24plan aim, angle, animus, arrangement, big picture, contrivance, course of action, deal, device, disposition
25point bit, count, dot, fleck, flyspeck, full stop, iota, mark, minim, mite
26project activity, adventure, affair, aim, assignment, baby, blueprint, business, concern, deal
27purport acceptation, aim, bearing, burden, connotation, core, design, drift, gist, heart
28scheme arrangement, blueprint, chart, codification, contrivance, design, device, diagram, disposition, draft
29score account, addition, aggregate, amount, average, count, final count, grade, mark, number
30sense faculty, feel, function, hearing, impression, kinesthesia, sensation, sensibility, sensitivity, sight
31significance acceptation, bottom line, connotation, drift, force, heart, implication, import, intendment, kicker
32significancy abstraction, aim, approximation, belief, brainstorm, clue, concept, conception, conclusion, conviction
33signification assurance, augury, auspice, badge, beacon, bell, caution, clue, divination, evidence
34target ambition, bull's-eye, destination, duty, end, function, ground zero, intention, mark, object
35understanding compassionate, considerate, discerning, empathetic, forbearing, forgiving, generous, kind, kindly, patient
36volition accord, choice, choosing, conation, desire, determination, discretion, election, option, preference
37will aim, appetite, attitude, character, conviction, craving, decision, decisiveness, decree, design
38wish ambition, aspiration, choice, disposition, hankering, hope, hunger, inclination, intention, invocation