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Compense Past Tense

past tense of compense is compensed.

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Conjugation of Compense

Simple / Indefinite Present Tense
He/She/It compenses .
I compense.
You/We/They compense.

Present Continuous Tense
He/She/It is compensing.
I am compensing.
You/We/They are compensing.

Present Perfect Tense
He/She/It has compensed.
I have compensed.
You/We/They have compensed.

Present Perfect Continuous Tense
He/She/It has been compensing.
I have been compensing.
You/We/They have been compensing.

Simple Past Tense
He/She/It compensed.
I compensed.
You/We/They compensed.

Past Continuous Tense
He/She/It was compensing.
I was compensing.
You/We/They were compensing.

Past Perfect Tense
He/She/It had compensed.
I had compensed.
You/We/They had compensed.

Past Perfect Continuous Tense
He/She/It had been compensing.
I had been compensing.
You/We/They had been compensing.

Simple Future Tense
He/She/It will/shall compense.
I will/shall compense.
You/We/They will/shall compense.

Future Continuous Tense
He/She/It will/shall be compensing.
I will/shall be compensing.
You/We/They will/shall be compensing.

Future Perfect Tense
He/She/It will/shall have compensed.
I will/shall have compensed.
You/We/They will/shall have compensed.

Future Perfect Continuous Tense
He/She/It will/shall have been compensing.
I will/shall have been compensing.
You/We/They will/shall have been compensing.

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