Sweeps Off One's Feet Antonyms

Sr No.AntonymsOpposite Words
1bore yawn, wimp, wet blanket, tiresome person, tedious person, stuffed shirt, soporific, pill, pest, pain in the neck, pain, nudge, nag, headache, flat tire, dull person, drip, drag, downer, deadhead, creep, bummer, bromide, bother
2deter warn, turn off, throw cold water on, talk out of, stop, stave off, shut out, scare, rule out, restrain, put off, put a damper on, prohibit, prevent, preclude, obviate, obstruct, intimidate, impede, hinder, frighten, forfend, forestall, divert, dissuade
3discourage weigh, vex, unnerve, try, trouble, throw cold water on, scare, repress, prostrate, overawe, irk, intimidate, frighten, droop, distress, disparage, dismay, depress, deprecate, demoralize, deject, daunt, dash, dampen, cow
4disenchant vex, torment, thwart, tease, stand up, ruin prospects, put out, not show, mislead, miscarry, let down, leave in the lurch, hinder, hamper, founder, foil, fall short of, fall flat, fall down on, fail, embitter, dumbfound, dissatisfy, disillusion, dishearten
5disgust surfeit, sickness, satiety, satiation, revulsion, revolt, repugnance, objection, nauseousness, nauseation, nausea, loathing, hatred, hatefulness, distaste, dislike, detestation, antipathy, abomination, abhorrence
6disinterest unresponsiveness, uninterest, unconcern, phlegm, listlessness, lethargy, lassitude, indifference, incuriousness, incuriosity, inattention, impassivity, impassibility, emotionlessness, disregard
7dissuade warn, urge not to, turn off, thwart, throw off, throw cold water on, throw a wet blanket on, remonstrate, put off, prick, prevent, persuade not to, lean on, hinder, faze, expostulate, exhort, divert, disincline, discourage, disadvise, deter, derail, deprecate, cry out against
8prevent ward off, turn aside, thwart, stop, stave off, shut out, rule out, retard, restrict, restrain, repress, put an end to, put a stop to, prohibit, preclude, obviate, obstruct, nip in the bud, limit, keep lid on, interrupt, interdict, intercept, inhibit, impede
9refuse waste matter, waste, trash, swill, sweepings, slop, sediment, scum, scraps, rubbish, residue, remains, rejectamenta, offal, muck, litter, leavings, junk, hogwash, dust, dunghill, dump, dross, dregs, debris
10reject veto, turn down, throw out, throw away, spurn, slough, shun, shoot down, shed, second, scrap, scout, scorn, scoff, repulse, repudiate, reprobate, repel, renounce, refuse, rebuff, put down, pass up, pass on, pass by
11release walkout, turnout, spring, relief, manumission, lifesaver, lifeboat, liberty, liberation, let-off, freeing, freedom, floater, exoneration, exemption, emancipation, discharge, deliverance, commute, clemency, charge, acquittance, acquittal, absolution
12repel withstand, ward off, turn down, traverse, stave off, stand up against, resist, reject, refuse, rebut, rebuff, put to flight, put down, push back, parry, oppose, knock down, kick, keep off, keep at bay, keep at arm's length, hold off, hold back, give cold shoulder to, force off
13repulse turndown, thumbs down, spurning, slap in the face, reverse, refusal, rebuff, nothing doing, nix, failure, disappointment, defeat, cold shoulder, check, brush-off
14shun turn back on, steer clear of, stay shy of, stand aloof from, stall, snub, shy, shake off, shake, scorn, reject, refuse, pass up, palm off, neglect, keep clear of, keep away from, hide out, have nothing to do with, have no part of, give the runaround, give a wide berth, get around, evade, eschew
15turn off sicken, repel, put off, offend, nauseate, make one sick, lose one's interest, irritate, displease, disinterest, disenchant, bore, alienate

Opposite words for sweeps off one's feet are, bore , deter , discourage , disenchant , disgust , disinterest , dissuade , prevent , refuse , reject , release , repel , repulse , shun , turn off