Roll Of The Dice Antonyms

Sr No.AntonymsOpposite Words
1assurance word of honor, word, warranty, warrant, vow, sure thing, support, shoo-in, security, rain or shine, promise, profession, pledge, oath, lock on, lock, insurance, guarantee, declaration, assertion
2design treatment, tracing, tracery, study, scheme, plan, picture, perspective, pattern, paste-up, outline, model, method, map, makeup, layout, idea, formation, form, dummy
3hardship worry, want, vicissitude, uphill battle, trouble, tribulation, trial, travail, tough luck, tough break, torment, toil, suffering, sorrow, rotten luck, rigor, rainy day, privation, persecution, peril
4misfortune worry, visitation, unpleasantness, unluck, trouble, tribulation, trial, tragedy, tough luck, setback, rotten luck, reverse, nuisance, mishap, misery, mischance, misadventure, loss, infelicity, inconvenience
5plan undertaking, trick, treatment, tactics, system, suggestion, strategy, stratagem, scenario, purpose, proposition, proposal, projection, project, program, procedure, policy, plot, platform, picture
6poverty vacancy, underdevelopment, straits, starvation, shortage, scarcity, reduction, privation, poorness, pinch, penury, pennilessness, pauperism, paucity, pass, necessity, necessitousness, meagerness, lack, insufficiency
7reality what's what, way of it, verity, verisimilitude, validity, truth, tangibility, substantive, substantiality, substance, solidity, sensibility, realness, realism, real world, presence, phenomenon, perceptibility, palpability, object
8surety sureness, substitute, sponsor, security, ratification, pledge, hostage, guaranty, guarantor, corroboration, confidence, certainty, bondsman, bail, assurance

Opposite words for roll of the dice are, assurance , design , hardship , misfortune , plan , poverty , reality , surety