Most Gotten Antonyms

Sr No.AntonymsOpposite Words
1incomplete unpolished, unexecuted, undone, undeveloped, under construction, unconsummated, unaccomplished, sketchy, short, rudimentary, rude, rough, partial, part, meager
2unfinished wanting, unrefined, unpolished, unperfected, unfulfilled, unfashioned, unexecuted, undone, undeveloped, under construction, unconcluded, uncompleted, unassembled, unadorned, unaccomplished
3unfulfilled vexed, unsatisfied, unsated, ungratified, unassuaged, unappeased, sullen, sulky, sniveling, querulous, put-out, plaintive, picky, offended, not satisfied
4unsubstantiated unsupported, uncorroborated, unconfirmed, uncertain, suspicious, suspect, open to question, open to doubt, indefinite, iffy, hard to believe, fishy, dubitable, dubious, doubtful

Opposite words for most gotten are, incomplete , unfinished , unfulfilled , unsubstantiated