Hugged Oneself Antonyms

Sr No.AntonymsOpposite Words
1be sad yearn, wring hands, weep, wear black, wail, take it hard, suffer, sorrow, sob, sigh, rue, repine, regret, pine, moan, miss, long for, languish
2conceal wrap, veil, tuck away, stow, stay out of sight, stash, sneak, slink, skulk, shelter, secrete, screen, put in a hole, plant, obscure, masquerade, mask, lurk
3deprecate take exception to, take down, take dim view of, run down, rip, put down, protest against, poor mouth, pooh-pooh, object, not go for, mudsling, frown, expostulate, disparage, disfavor, disesteem, discountenance
4fail turn out badly, slip, run aground, play into, miss the boat, miss, miscarry, meet with disaster, lose status, lose out, lose control, hit the skids, hit bottom, go wrong, go up in smoke, go downhill, go down swinging, go down
5hide withhold, veil, tuck away, take cover, suppress, stow away, stifle, stash, squirrel, smuggle, shroud, shield, shelter, shadow, secrete, screen, salt away, reserve

Opposite words for hugged oneself are, be sad , conceal , deprecate , fail , hide