Get Someone Antonyms

Sr No.AntonymsOpposite Words
1aid treatment, sustenance, subsidy, shot in the arm, service, salvation, reward, rescue, relief, reinforcement, promotion, patronage, ministry, ministration, lift
2assist support, service, relief, reinforcement, lift, helping hand, hand, furtherance, facilitation, cooperation, compensation, comfort, collaboration, boost, benefit
3delight transport, satisfaction, relish, rapture, pleasure, mirth, joyance, joy, jollity, hilarity, gratification, glee, gladness, fruition, felicity
4help utility, use, sustenance, support, succor, service, remedy, nourishment, maintenance, lift, helping hand, hand, guidance, cure, corrective
5make happy tickle, thrill, suffice, satisfy, reconcile, placate, mollify, indulge, humor, gratify, gladden, enrapture, delight, charm, captivate
6please wow, turn on, titillate, tickle pink, tickle, sweep off feet, suit, score, satisfy, overjoy, make the grade, kill, indulge, humor, hit the spot
7soothe untrouble, unburden, tranquilize, take the sting out, take the edge off, subdue, stroke, still, square, soften, smooth down, settle, relieve, quieten, quiet

Opposite words for get someone are, aid , assist , delight , help , make happy , please , soothe