Behalf Antonyms

Sr No.AntonymsOpposite Words
1blockage wall, traverse, stoppage, snag, obstacle, jam, impediment, impasse, hindrance, hamper
2disadvantage prejudice, injury, harm, disservice, detriment, deprivation, damage
3disapproval zing, vitriol, thumbs down, stricture, slap on wrist, reproof, reproach, ostracism, opprobrium, objection
4discouragement the blues, sadness, pessimism, melancholy, low spirits, loss of confidence, hopelessness, downheartedness, dismay, discomfiture
5handicap stumbling block, shortcoming, restriction, psychological baggage, obstacle, millstone, load, limitation, injury, impediment
6harm wrong, wickedness, wear and tear, violence, vice, vandalism, sinfulness, sin, sabotage, ruination
7hindrance trammel, stumbling block, stoppage, snag, restriction, restraint, obstacle, monkey wrench, millstone, lock
8hurt wounded, warped, unhappy, umbrageous, tortured, tender, suffering, struck, stricken, sore
9impediment wall, trammel, tie, stumbling block, stricture, stoppage, snag, shackle, setback, rub
10injury wrong, wound, twinge, trauma, swelling, suffering, sting, stab, sprain, sore
11loss wreckage, waste, want, undoing, trouble, trial, squandering, shrinkage, sacrifice, ruin
12obstruction wall, trouble, trammel, stumbling block, stoppage, stop, snag, roadblock, restraint, mountain
13stop wall, termination, stoppage, stay, standstill, screeching halt, roadblock, plug, pause, lull
14stoppage walkout, stopping, standstill, sit-down, shutdown, occlusion, obstruction, lockout, layoff, interruption

Opposite words for behalf are, blockage , disadvantage , disapproval , discouragement , handicap , harm , hindrance , hurt , impediment , injury , loss , obstruction , stop , stoppage