Beguiles Antonyms

Sr No.AntonymsOpposite Words
1disenchant vex, torment, thwart, tease, stand up, ruin prospects, put out, not show, mislead, miscarry, let down, leave in the lurch
2give will, vouchsafe, turn over, transmit, tip, throw in, subsidize, shell out, sell, remit, relinquish, provide
3offer tender, submission, rendition, propoundment, proposition, presentation, pitch, pass, overture, hit, feeler, essay
4refuse waste matter, waste, trash, swill, sweepings, slop, sediment, scum, scraps, rubbish, residue, remains
5repulse turndown, thumbs down, spurning, slap in the face, reverse, refusal, rebuff, nothing doing, nix, failure, disappointment, defeat
6turn off sicken, repel, put off, offend, nauseate, make one sick, lose one's interest, irritate, displease, disinterest, disenchant, bore

Opposite words for beguiles are, disenchant , give , offer , refuse , repulse , turn off