Before Tax Antonyms

Sr No.AntonymsOpposite Words
1clean white, well-kept, washed, vanilla, untarnished, unsullied, unstained, unspotted, unsoiled, unsmudged, unpolluted, unblemished, trim, tidy
2hidden withheld, veiled, unrevealed, unknown, unexposed, undisclosed, undetected, underground, undercover, ulterior, surreptitious, shrouded, shadowy, sequestered
3incomplete unpolished, unexecuted, undone, undeveloped, under construction, unconsummated, unaccomplished, sketchy, short, rudimentary, rude, rough, partial, part
4modified refitted, mutated, fitted, converted, altered, adjusted
5moral worthy, virtuous, upstanding, upright, truthful, trustworthy, true-blue, straight, square, seemly, scrupulous, salt of the earth, saintly, righteous
6net undeductible, take-home, remaining, pure, irreducible, final, exclusive, excluding, clear, after taxes, after deductions
7obscured unsaid, unexpressed, undivulged, undisclosed, under wraps, under cover, shrouded, selfish, secondary, remote, privy, personal, obscure, implied
8part unit, subdivision, splinter, sliver, slice, slab, side, share, segment, sector, section, scrap, ration, quota
9partial unperformed, unfinished, uncompleted, sectional, part, limited, imperfect, halfway, half done, fragmentary, fractional
10polite well-mannered, well-bred, well-behaved, urbane, thoughtful, sympathetic, solicitous, sociable, smooth, respectful, refined, punctilious, politic, polished
11skinny underweight, undernourished, twiggy, spare, slender, skin-and-bone, skeletal, scrawny, scraggy, rawboned, malnourished, like a rail, lean, lanky
12slender wispy, wiry, willowy, weak, trivial, trim, tenuous, svelte, spindling, spare, small, slim, slight, skinny
13thin wizened, wasted, wan, underweight, undernourished, twiglike, twiggy, threadlike, subtle, stilt, stick, starved, stalky, spindly
14unfinished wanting, unrefined, unpolished, unperfected, unfulfilled, unfashioned, unexecuted, undone, undeveloped, under construction, unconcluded, uncompleted, unassembled, unadorned
15vague unsure, unspecified, unsettled, unknown, unintelligible, unexplicit, undetermined, unclear, uncertain, tenebrous, superficial, shadowy, questionable, puzzling

Opposite words for before tax are, clean , hidden , incomplete , modified , moral , net , obscured , part , partial , polite , skinny , slender , thin , unfinished , vague