Becoming Conscious Of Antonyms

Sr No.AntonymsOpposite Words
1disbelieve unbelieve, suspect, scout, scorn, scoff at, repudiate, reject, question, not swallow, not credit, not buy, not accept, mistrust, give no credence to, eschew, distrust, discredit, discount
2disregard unmindfulness, unconcern, the cold shoulder, slighting, slight, scorn, oversight, overlooking, omitting, omission, oblivion, negligence, neglecting, neglect, listlessness, lethargy, lassitude, insouciance, indifference, inattention, inadvertence, heedlessness, forgetting, disrespect, disinterest
3fail turn out badly, slip, run aground, play into, miss the boat, miss, miscarry, meet with disaster, lose status, lose out, lose control, hit the skids, hit bottom, go wrong, go up in smoke, go downhill, go down swinging, go down, go astray, founder, fold, flounder, flop, fizzle, fall through
4forget think no more of, obliterate, misrecollect, lose sight of, lose consciousness of, let slip from memory, fail to remember, escape one's memory, draw a blank, disremember, dismiss from mind, consign to oblivion, clean forget, blow
5ignore wink, turn deaf ear, turn blind eye, turn back on, tune out, take no notice, slight, shut eyes to, scorn, reject, pooh-pooh, pay no mind, pay no attention to, pass over, overpass, overlook, omit, neglect, look the other way, let it go, forget, fail, evade, disdain, discount
6lose yield, waste, use up, surrender, suffer loss, suffer, squander, sacrifice, rob, relinquish, pass up, oust, misspend, miss, misplace, lavish, give up, forget, forfeit, fall short, fail to keep, fail, expend, exhaust, drop
7misinterpret misunderstand, mistake, misrepresent, misread, miscalculate, garble, falsify, err, distort
8miss want, slip, oversight, omission, mistake, mishap, loss, fault, error, defect, default, blunder, absence
9mistake underestimation, typographical error, trip, solecism, snafu, slipup, slip of tongue, slip, slight, oversight, overestimation, omission, neglect, muddle, misstep, misstatement, misprint, misjudgment, misinterpretation, misconception, miscalculation, misapprehension, misapplication, lapse, inadvertence
10misunderstand take wrongly, take amiss, not register, mistake, miss the point, miss, misreckon, misread, misknow, misjudge, misinterpret, misconstrue, misconceive, miscomprehend, miscalculate, misapprehend, misapply, get wrong impression, get wrong, get signals mixed, get signals crossed, fail, confuse, confound, be perplexed
11neglect unconcern, thoughtlessness, slight, scorn, oversight, laxness, laxity, indifference, inconsideration, inattention, inadvertence, heedlessness, disrespect, disregardance, disdain, delinquency, coolness, carelessness

Opposite words for becoming conscious of are, disbelieve , disregard , fail , forget , ignore , lose , miss , mistake , misunderstand , neglect