Be In The Same League Antonyms

Sr No.AntonymsOpposite Words
1cower wince, truckle, tremble, toady, sneak, skulk, shrink, recoil, quail, kowtow, honey, grovel, flinch, fawn, draw back, crouch, cringe, brownnose, bootlick, blench, apple-polish
2disconnect unfix, sideline, sever, separate, part, drop it, divide, disunite, dissociate, dissever, disjoin, disengage, disassociate, detach, cut off, break it up, break it off, abstract
3secrete withhold, whitewash, veil, sweep under rug, stow, stonewall, stash away, stash, squirrel, shroud, secure, seclude, screen, plant, paper, palm, keep under wraps, keep to oneself, keep secret, keep quiet, hide out, harbor, finesse, ensconce, ditch
4separate unconnected, unattached, sundered, sovereign, severed, set asunder, set apart, scattered, removed, put asunder, partitioned, parted, marked, loose, isolated, independent, in halves, free, far between, divorced, divided, divergent, disunited, distributed, distant
5shrink wrinkle, wither, weaken, waste away, waste, wane, shrivel, shorten, reduce, narrow, lessen, grow smaller, fall short, fall off, fail, dwindle, drop off, diminish, deflate, decrease, contract, constrict, condense, concentrate, compress
6shy away weigh, waver, waffle, vacillate, think twice, think about, tergiversate, swerve, stutter, stumble, straddle, stop, stammer, sit on fence, shrink, shift, seesaw, scruple, pussyfoot, pull back, ponder, pause, oscillate, linger, hover

Opposite words for be in the same league are, cower , disconnect , secrete , separate , shrink , shy away