Adding Fuel Antonyms

Sr No.AntonymsOpposite Words
1abridge truncate, trim, summarize, snip, slash, restrict, reduce, put in nutshell, narrow, limit, lessen, downsize, diminish, digest, decrease
2bore yawn, wimp, wet blanket, tiresome person, tedious person, stuffed shirt, soporific, pill, pest, pain in the neck, pain, nudge, nag, headache, flat tire
3calm windless, waveless, unruffled, undisturbed, tranquil, stormless, still, soothing, smooth, slow, serene, rural, restful, reposing, reposeful
4contract understanding, treaty, stipulation, settlement, record, proof, promise, pledge, paper, pact, obligation, mise, liability, indenture, handshake
5decrease waning, subsidence, striction, shrinkage, reduction, loss, falling off, ebb, dwindling, downturn, discount, diminution, depression, decrescence, declining
6lessen wind down, weaken, truncate, thin, taper off, taper, take the sting out, take the edge off, take the bite out, soft-pedal, slow down, slacken, slack up, shrink, roll back
7lower under, subordinate, subjacent, smaller, secondary, second-string, second-fiddle, second-class, reduced, pared down, nether, minor, lower rung, low, lesser
8lull tranquility, time-out, stop, stillness, silence, respite, quiet, quiescence, pausation, letup, layoff, hush, hiatus, downtime, comma
9quiet whist, unuttered, unspeaking, unexpressed, uncommunicative, tight-lipped, taciturn, stilled, still, speechless, soundless, soft, silent, secretive, reticent
10shorten trim, snip, slash, shrink, retrench, reduce, put in a nutshell, minimize, make a long story short, lop, lessen, excerpt, elide, edit, dock
11shrink wrinkle, wither, weaken, waste away, waste, wane, shrivel, shorten, reduce, narrow, lessen, grow smaller, fall short, fall off, fail

Opposite words for adding fuel are, abridge , bore , calm , contract , decrease , lessen , lower , lull , quiet , shorten , shrink