Achieving Antonyms

Sr No.AntonymsOpposite Words
1abandon wildness, wantonness, unrestraint, uninhibitedness, thoughtlessness, spontaneity, recklessness, licentiousness, impulse, freedom, disregard
2begin undertake, trigger, set up, set in motion, set about, produce, prepare, plunge into, originate, open, occasion, mount, motivate
3commence tear into, take up, start the ball rolling, originate, open, lead off, launch, kick off, jump into, initiate, inaugurate, hit the ground running, get show on road
4create start, spawn, sire, shape, set up, rear, produce, procreate, plan, perform, parent, originate, organize
5depart withdraw, vanish, vacate, troop, tergiversate, take leave, start out, start, split, slip away, shove off, set forth, secede
6destroy zap, wreck, wipe out, wax, waste, vaporize, trash, total, torpedo, tear down, swallow up, suppress, stamp out
7detain withhold, slow up, slow down, set back, send up, run in, retard, restrain, reserve, put away, pull in, pinch, pick up
8fail turn out badly, slip, run aground, play into, miss the boat, miss, miscarry, meet with disaster, lose status, lose out, lose control, hit the skids, hit bottom
9forfeit relinquishment, penalty, mulct, loss, fine, damages, cost
10forget think no more of, obliterate, misrecollect, lose sight of, lose consciousness of, let slip from memory, fail to remember, escape one's memory, draw a blank, disremember, dismiss from mind, consign to oblivion, clean forget
11halt termination, stop, standstill, stand, screeching halt, screaming halt, pause, letup, layoff, interruption, impasse, grinding halt, freeze
12hold tenure, tenacity, sway, retention, purchase, pull, ownership, occupation, occupancy, influence, grip, dominion, dominance
13ignore wink, turn deaf ear, turn blind eye, turn back on, tune out, take no notice, slight, shut eyes to, scorn, reject, pooh-pooh, pay no mind, pay no attention to
14imprison trammel, take prisoner, stockade, shut in, send up, send to prison, restrain, remand, rail in, put behind bars, put away, pen, occlude
15keep withhold, trade in, store, stock, stack, season, save, retain, reserve, put up, put, preserve, possess
16leave tolerance, sufferance, sanction, permit, okay, liberty, green light, go-ahead, freedom, dispensation, consent, concession, authorization
17lose yield, waste, use up, surrender, suffer loss, suffer, squander, sacrifice, rob, relinquish, pass up, oust, misspend
18miss want, slip, oversight, omission, mistake, mishap, loss, fault, error, defect, default, blunder, absence
19neglect unconcern, thoughtlessness, slight, scorn, oversight, laxness, laxity, indifference, inconsideration, inattention, inadvertence, heedlessness, disrespect
20open yawning, wide, vacated, unstopped, unshut, unsealed, unplugged, unobstructed, unlocked, unimpeded, unfurled, unfolded, uncovered
21pass ravine, path, passageway, passage, gorge, gap, cut, canyon
22question wringer, third degree, questioning, query, poll, investigation, interrogatory, interrogation, inquisition, inquiry, inquiring, inquest, examination
23retain withhold, save, retrospect, restrain, reserve, reminisce, remember, recollect, recognize, recall, put away, preserve, possess
24spend waste, use up, use, throw away, squander, spring for, shell out, settle, run through, put in, pay up, pay down, outlay
25start takeoff, start-off, square one, spring, source, setting out, running start, outset, origin, opening, onset, leaving, kickoff
26stop wall, termination, stoppage, stay, standstill, screeching halt, roadblock, plug, pause, lull, letup, layoff, hindrance
27surrender yielding, white flag, succumbing, submission, renunciation, relinquishment, relenting, giving way, delivery, dedition, cessation, capitulation, appeasement
28unseal remove, open, free
29unsettle unnerve, unhinge, unbalance, turn, trouble, throw off, throw, spook, sicken, rummage, ruffle, rattle, put off
30wonder wonderment, wondering, uncertainty, suspicion, surprise, stupor, stupefaction, start, skepticism, shock, reverence, puzzlement, perturbation
31yield turnout, takings, revenue, return, profit, produce, outturn, output, income, harvest, earnings, crop

Opposite words for achieving are, abandon , begin , commence , create , depart , destroy , detain , fail , forfeit , forget , halt , hold , ignore , imprison , keep , leave , lose , miss , neglect , open , pass , question , retain , spend , start , stop , surrender , unsettle , wonder , yield